Blepharoplasty with radiofrequencies (R/F) and autologous serum

What is blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure during which skin, muscle tissue and fat are removed depending on their quantity on every eyelid. Several techniques are used and the final choice depends on the patient’s condition and the specialist’s opinion.

Is the suggested method better compared to classical surgery?

The basic carateristics of the technique are the fact that injuries heal quickly (3 days) and the patient can return to his/her everyday activities immediately. Radiofrequencies are used to remove excess skin, muscle tissue and fat without having a lot of bleeding. As a result we have better vision of the surgical field and the patient presents fewer bruises and hematomas. At the same time, tissues are less injured, deep stroma is not affected and healthy tissues are not burned.

Which ages is it indicated for?

Eyelid surgery can be performed on all adults. This method however can be applied to young individuals (>25 years old) presenting aesthetic problems in the eyelid area eg. sagging skin, bags under the eyes etc.

Is anaesthesia used?

Yes, local anaesthesia is used with sedative and autologous serum. The use of autologous serum (patient’s blood) keeps bruises and hematomas to a minimum, when these are quite extended with classic eyelid surgery, while the wound heals more quickly thanks to collagen activation.

Eyelid surgery with radiofrequencies and autologous serum or the classic method?

Eyelid surgery with R/F and autologous serum injection represents the ideal choice for the most demanding doctor, but also for every individual who wishes to improve their appearance with the least possible pain, fewer bruises and hematomas in the least possible time so as to return to their activities healthy and younger.